Monday, June 30, 2014

Upload files of size up to 32 MB, in your online database

iFreeTools Creator, your online database application builder built for hosting on Google App Engine, has had support for image fields since the early days. These image fields used Google App Engine's datastore to store the files. Due to the design of the App Engine datastore, the maximum file size for these fields was limited to 1 MB. We had an automatic size-reduction enabled for these fields, to reduce the file sizes of the uploaded files. This field has been serving our free-users and our paid-customers well until now.

For bigger files, there was always the option of storing them within Google Drive and attaching the files from Google Drive to database records. But these attachments are treated different from the normal fields. So, some clients have been requesting support for bigger file uploads.

Based on a prioritization request from our client, we have now enabled support for bigger file uploads for our paid single-tenant deployment customers.

Paid deployments will now have an option to add new attributes with Image / File Upload (Big) data-type.

These new attributes will store the file contents in Google App Engine's blobstore. The blobstore allows files of sizes up to 32 MB to be uploaded, utilizing the 5 GB free blobstore quota, offered by Google for all Google App Engine applications.

Additional storage will be billed at $0.026/GB/month (payable to Google) :

We have started rolling in this feature for our paid customers. If you are a paid customer of iFreeTools, you should see this feature available in your deployment very soon.

Do you have a feature request for iFreeTools that you want to be prioritized? Get in touch with us, so that we take this forward.