Monday, May 30, 2011

Yes/No (Boolean) fields support in Custom Views and more

We have been making improvements over the past few weeks to the Free Online Database App Creator for use with Google Apps and in our Free CRM built over Google App Engine, based on feedback/suggestions from our users.

Filter based on Yes / No checkbox (Boolean) fields

We are glad to have rolled in support for Custom Views which can filter records based on Yes / No checkbox (Boolean) fields.

Apart from Yes or a No, you may now also see a --not-set-- value for fields which do not have a value already set for that field. This can happen in iFreeTools Creator, when you add a new Yes / No checkbox (Boolean) attribute to an existing entity which already has records in database. While the new records will have values for this field, the older records will show a --not-set-- value.

The records with --not-set-- value *will not* turn up in the results if the filed is used in the filtering criteria for that Custom View. If you would like it to be available, you can use the bulk-edit to set the values for that field to either Yes or a No.

Customize the order in which the Custom Views are listed

We have also added support customizing the listing order of Custom Views based on View Listing Index value, which you can now provide in the Add/Edit Custom View form. The views will be listed under the module based on this value, in ascending order. That is, views with smaller View Listing Index value will be listed first.

And more..

Apart from these features mentioned above, we have also rolled in a few bug-fixes/improvements, including in the recently added Calendar Views feature.

Do keep sending in your valuable suggestions, on how you think we can make iFreeTools better.

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