Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Quick filters now available in iFreeTools

Your favorite web-based database app builder and your CRM for use with Google Apps, have long supported ways to filter records based on custom filtering criteria, using the Custom Views feature.

While creating Custom Views is convenient for oft-searched filtering criteria, there are times when you might prefer a quick way to get a sub-set of your database records, without having to create a view first.

Based on your requests from users, we have now added support for such quick filtering. In the list view, you will now find the quick filtering options under Filters.

iFreeTools will automatically provide the quick-filters for boolean (yes/no) fields, date fields, date-time fields and for fields which have choice-values (either drop-down or multi-select fields), as shown in the sample view below.

Date and Date-time fields will have both the year and month filtering options.

Access control rules for the fields, if any, will be confirmed-to, when showing the quick-filters. That is, users will see the automatic quick-filters for the supported field types, only if they have the viewing permission for those fields.

Apart from these quick filtering options, users can also use the alphabetical indexing, keyword-indexing and the client-side instant search to narrow down the records from the database.

Hope you like the new feature. Keep sending in your suggestions.


  1. Not sure whether this is the right place for that, but...

    Am I mistaken or is Quick Filtering even with multi-select fields only possible for one of the multi-select alternatives?
    E.g., suppose I have a database with the multiple-select attribute X and the choice values A, B, and C, and I want to filter by X the entries with A AND B - is that possible?

    Greetings from Germany
    Sebastian Walter

  2. Currently the behavior is as you have described for Quick Filters.

    If you require X is *A or B*, then you can create Custom Views to enable such filtering.

    If *A and B* is a common scenario in your app, based on which you want to filter right now, you can capture this state in a new attribute using a formula expression with choice values (A-and-B, A-and-C, B-and-C) and store the appropriate value based. You can then use this new field in the quick filters to filter for the required records.

    We will surely be improving the filtering capabilities later, prioritized based on the number of requests for the same, from users.

    If you have further queries or in case you need assistance in implementing the formula field, feel free to use the feedback form in the application to get in touch with us.

    Best Regards,