Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Back-end changes in iFreeTools

We have recently invested in migrating iFreeTools code to the latest computing environment on Google App Engine. As a result of these changes, iFreeTools is now able to utilize computing resources in a better way, than it was possible earlier.

The new version having these changes has already been rolled out in our free multi-tenant deployment, hosted at and we are in the progress of rolling this version for all single-tenant deployment customers.

What these back-end changes will mean for you :

If you are a user of the free multi-tenant deployment, you will be glad that we can serve more of the growing number of free applications. You may have also already experienced lesser latency than earlier, in the recent days.

If you are paid customer, using our single-tenant deployment option, you will be able serve more users with lower computing instance hours. This is now possible because each computing instance can handle more than one request at the same time (multi-threaded processing).

These back-end changes also enable other possibilities and new features, including some features which have been oft requested by our users. 

Keep following our blogs for more details on these new features.

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