Friday, January 22, 2010

What's Cooking : iFreeTools "Brahma"

Few days ago, I had tweeted about starting work on iFreeTools "Brahma".

For those who were not sure about what that meant, Brahma is believed to be the Hindu god of creation [].

So it was iFreeTools Creator, the "Online BigTable Database Application Builder", for which work was started. iFreeTools Creator is probably the first Google App Engine based online application builder. It gives users the access to iFreeTools Engine, which powers our Free CRM application.

Below are some screenshots from iFreeTools Creator..

Currently in testing, the following screenshot shows a Custom Entity created for storing information on Real Estate Projects..

The application in the screenshot above uses the default CRM entities, but one might as well start from a clean slate. This feature (custom entities and attributes) will be rolled into the default CRM application as well, at a later date.

So, that is what is cooking at iFreeTools.

I am still working on alternate heading captions for the home page wordings and am also open to changing the image. Feel free to send in your suggestions to

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Have a great weekend !!

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