Thursday, July 31, 2014

Enabling "Import" and "Unlock any record" permissions for non-admin users

Until now, we had restricted the ability to import data (as CSV files) and the ability to being able to unlock any of the locked records, to admin users alone. Due to the nature of these operations, we believed that  such a restriction would be necessary.

Some customers wanted to enable these permissions to trusted users, but at the same time did not want to provide full admin permissions, considering those users to be in an intermediate permission level. Based on their requests, we have now made it possible to enable non-admin users to import data and to be able to unlock any records using Auth Profiles.

While Import permission will be configurable for all entities in the Auth Profile form, the Unlock any record permission will be available for configuration only for entities which have record locking enabled.

Hope you find the new features useful. Feel free to let us know your feedback on how we can make things better for you in your online database application creator

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