Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Customize selection values in iFreeTools CRM

iFreeTools CRM (alpha) - the CRM for Google AppEngine, just got an upgrade. With this upgrade, iFreeTools CRM has added support for defining enumerated values for selection fields.

Admin users can now define Enum values to be listed for the following selection fields..
  • lead.salutation
  • lead.leadSource
  • lead.leadIndustry
  • lead.leadRating
  • account.accountRating
  • account.accountType
  • account.accountOwnership
  • account.accountIndustry
  • contact.leadSource
  • contact.salutation
  • opportunity.type
  • opportunity.leadSource
  • campaign.campaignType
  • product.productCategory
  • case.origin
  • case.reason
For using this option, go to the Enum module under Admin and add comma-separated values for the fields. If no Enum is defined for a property, the default application level settings will be used.

Default selection values before customization

Configure values for the selection field

Selection values after customization

Defining of Enum has been disabled for the following fields, since they are used in pre-defined views.
  • lead.leadStatus
  • opportunity.stage
  • campaign.campaignStatus
  • solution.status
  • case.type
  • case.status
  • case.priority
Also, currently you will have to configure values for attribute for different modules individually. Example lead.leadSource, contact.leadSource and opportunity.leadSource will have to be configured individually. Since it is a one-time admin operation, we assumed it will be OK. Probably at a later date, we can provide a even more easier option to define once and refer in more than one field.

Check out the feature and feel free to send in your feedback on our Free CRM application.

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