Thursday, November 12, 2009

CRM for App Engine adds Charts

iFreeTools CRM, the CRM built for Google App Engine (and hence for Google Apps), just had an upgrade which adds support for charts in the hosted CRM application.

This first step towards broader reporting features in iFreeTools CRM, begins with charts added to the Leads Module.

Now, under Open Leads, the following chart views have been added..
  • Open Leads
    • By Status
    • By Source
    • By Industry
    • By Owner

Each chart view has an option to view the summary in either bar-chart format (loaded by default) or a pie-chart format.

Note : In case you are using Firefox, make sure Firebug is disabled when using these charts as Firebug is known to slow down this charting feature.

Send in your feedback on what charts you would like to have as part of the application and we would add them in subsequent upgrades.

Within this short duration of less than month, iFreeTools CRM (alpha) has attracted a lot of users from across the world. They like the pace at which features are getting added and the personalized support. A few of them have already rebranded and mapped the application to their Google Apps domain.

So, go ahead start using the application and feel free to send in your feedback on what you would like to see soon in iFreeTools CRM.

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